Ivo Barbi Professor of Electrical Engineering

Power Electronics

Power Electronics emerged in the early 21st Century as one of the most important areas of electrical engineering in all countries, being considered strategic in the industrial and social development of peoples.

It is a branch of the electrical engineering and can be defined as an applied science dedicated to the study of static power converters.

The power stage of a static converter  consists of passive elements (resistors, capacitors and inductors) and active elements operating as power switches  (Diodes, Thyristors, Transistors, GTO’s, Triacs, IGBT’s and MOSFET’s) associated according to specific rules and the laws of physics.

The  static converters perform the electronic processing and controlling of electrical energy.

The main functions performed by static converters are summarized as follows:

  • DC-DC converters;
  • AC-DC converters or rectifiers;
  • DC-AC converters or inverters;
  • AC-AC converters.

Among the many applications of the power electronics we can mention:

  • Switching mode power supplies (SMPS),
  • DC motor drives,
  • AC motor drives,
  • Electric welding machines,
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS),
  • Battery chargers;
  • Rectifiers for electrochemistry,
  • Direct current transmission;
  • Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps;
  • Active power filters;
  • Static reactive power compensators;
  • Inductive and resistive furnaces;
  • Renewable power generation,
  • DC and AC microgrids;
  • Electric traction and propulsion;
  • Aeronautical and space applications,
  • X-ray power supplies;
  • Power supply for radar transmitter.


Ivo Barbi

Prof. Ivo Barbi received the B.S.degree in 1973 and M.S. degree in 1976 in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) and Doctor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse-France in 1979. Founder of SOBRAEP – Brazilian Society of Power Electronics (1990), of which he is President of Honor and President of the first COBEP – Brazilian Congress of Power Electronics (1991). In February 2016, he led the creation of IBEPE-Brazilian Institute of Power Electronics and is currently its CEO.

Ivo Barbi Professor of Electrical Engineering

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